Spirit gear isn’t just a way to get your fans geared up for the season and ready to cheer, it can also be a great way to make some money for your sports programs or school activities. We can personalize any sportswear item. From hoodies to tee shirts to sweatpants and bags. You name it and we can do it. We can help you create your own personalized custom sell sheet or e-commerce enabled website. We will coordinate all of the orders and deliver your products within 2-3 weeks from the end of the sale.

The Design

It begins with the design. Your logo, your artwork, or just your great ideas! You’ll work with one of our graphic designers to create an amazing design that will spread the spirit.

The Store

You choose the products and colors you want to carry in the store. We have a huge selection of products to choose from ranging from t-shirts, sweatshirts, polo, jackets, hats and much more. Mix and match items to create a unique spiritgear store. Once you have completed the selection process, we setup your online store. You decide how long the products available. You decide how much you want to earn per sale, it’s your choice on how much to mark-up your products for profit. Once you post your products online, we begin taking orders and products are not imprinted until the available sales period has ended.

The Promotion

To make sales, you need visitors. To get visitors, you need to tell the world about your store. If you don't tell anybody about your new spiritwear Store, how will they learn about your products? So be sure to send out emails, post banners, make calls and post links on social websites like Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and others.

What we do for you

Providing high quality screen printing and embroidery is what we do best. We have been providing customers all across America with top-notch products and customer service for years. We have the staff, dedication and expertise to provide the highest quality products. Once your store is posted live, we handle all the customer service and will securely process credit card payments (Visa, Master Card, American Express or Discover).

We send you your profits!

Now comes the fun part! After you've promoted your store and orders have flooded in, we start production. Once the sale period has ended, we tally the sizes, imprint the products and ship your orders in bulk directly to you for distribution. The most exciting part of this process is when you open your box and receive your commission check from any additional profits you have earned through your product mark-up. You can do all of this without ever sending home an order sheet or spending hours manually tallying up sizes.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are samples available for sizing purposes?

Samples are available but are not free. All samples that are ordered will be charged for but will be credited back to your organization upon the order being placed. Any samples sent but not ordered will charged.

What payment methods do we accept?

Visa, Mastercard, Discover and American Express

What is your return and refund policy?

We guarantee our products 100% against defects or errors. If you receive a defect or error in your shipment, we will replace the item(s) at no charge. Returns must be reported within 14 days of receiving product. Because these are custom made items, we cannot accept returns or exchanges for incorrect sizes, colors or designs which were incorrectly selected or entered.

Can I change or add to an order?

If you need help with an order, please contact us right away. If you have already committed to your order and it's in process, there may not be a way to cancel or modify it.

Is this website safe?

This site uses 256-bit encryption which will keep your personal information safe. Various browser types may treat the site differently but you should see a locked logo somewhere on the page and a https link in the navigation bar. Please let us know if you run into any problems or questions about our site security. This site has a valid SSL security certificate.

I need help on something not mentioned above!

If you are not able to process an order for any reason, please contact us immediately. Please note any information that would be helpful to us in helping you such as product numbers, school names, etc. before calling.

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